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What's around Limatge?

Relaxation or Exploration

Château de Limatge lies in the very heart of the Montagne Noire, surrounded by nature, forests, lakes and hilltop villages.

Within the grounds, wild boar, deer and hares freely inhabit the forests. Eagles and buzzards dominate the skies. Forests of Oak, Chestnut, Ash & Pine flourish, housing an amazing diversity of plants and wildlife, with the sound of water always present from one of the two streams.


Every route and trail in the immediate area offers absolutely stunning views, whether you’re out and about for a purpose or just casually strolling. On many of the routes it is possible to enjoy spectacular views of the Toulouse Plain as well as the summit of the Pyrenees stretching from North to South.


Here you truly witness the changing of the seasons. 

​As spring arrives, within the grounds, there are large swathes of snowdrops and dwarf daffodils which give way to a myriad of wildflowers including miniature orchids.

In summer, you can cruise along the local roads bordered by sunflower fields as well as meadows, where cows, sheep and deer feast on the lush green grass or stop off and visit one of the nearby lakes and take a refreshing dip.  

In autumn, there is a festival of colour, and with that comes the harvesting of chestnuts and wild mushrooms.

And in winter, you can admire the view of the snow-covered Pyrenees from the Château de Saissac or the Pic de Nore (1211 m).


We have included more of our personal images and recommendations for the area. Selecting the image link below will go to an external tourism link.

Revel Market


15 Mins from Limatge



50 mins from Limatge



25 Mins from Limatge



One hour from Limatge



45 mins from Limatge



One Hour from Limatge

Dining & Restaurants

There are plenty of options for eating the finest cuisine at a reasonable price, in the most picturesque of surroundings. Some of our favourites include:

La Barbacane Hotel de la Cité - Carcassonne

Le Parc Franck Putelat - Carcassonne

Bistrot Saveurs - Castres

L'intangible - Lempaut

In addition the local villages of Dourgne, Arfons, Soaul and Soreze as well as the nearby towns of Castres and Revel,  offer an overwhelming range of options for more casual eating and drinking.

Activities - The choice is yours

There is plenty to do around Limatge and the immediate area. Starting from Limatge there are a large number of hiking, bicycle, and car routes around the Montagne Noire to take in the beautiful panoramic views, ruins, ancient villages, waterfalls and lakes.

Popular walks (or runs) around Limatge cover the following attractions.

Abbeys En-Calcat and St.Scholastica

The cross Montalric (788m) and panorama viewpoint La Capelette de St Férréol 

Surrounding towns offer numerous weekly food markets on famous and authentic market squares, like those of Revel.  There’s also ample opportunity to go shopping in the larger towns and cities of Castres, Toulouse, Carcassonne and Albi.

Many of the nearby villages and towns, like Arfons and Revel, offer various outdoor activities, like canoeing, horse riding, swimming and cycling. The Bassin du Lampy and Bassin du Saint Ferréol offer sandy beaches that line beautiful lakes that are perfect for a swim or to enjoy a picnic.  Karting in Puylaurens, Paragliding in Dourgne. Even the Mediterranean Sea is within reach by car. Also, easy to reach are the Pyrenees, either for a summer hike or in winter to ski. And let's not forget the vinyards of the Languedoc.

 - the options are endless!

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